Success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution.
HADER SECURITY & COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS recognizes that it can only achieve its business objectives if the operational performance of its activities, along with the services it provides reflect the requirements of customers and prospects. To achieve this objective, activities are organized and managed through an integral quality, health, safety and environment management system.

Covering a wide range of product lines, HADER SECURITY & COMMUNICATION SYSTEM offers communication solutions for varying types of need and situations. From Radio and Broadband communication products to Base Stations, Repeaters, Mobile Transceivers, Towers, Antennas, Duplexers, power supplies, Satellite Navigation Systems, Aircraft Navigation Radio Aids, GPS, NDB, Asset tracking, and more products that meet customers’ communications needs. Our customers’ needs range from simple base-to-mobile dispatching to complex nationwide communication systems.

Accordingly, our systems and products range from low-cost Scorpion Conventional Handheld Radios, to advanced TETRA Digital Trunked Radio Systems.

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