We aim to provide easy handling, low upkeep costs and efficient services.

Environments industrial applications require rugged and dependable network components. These applications must be able to transmit and receive large amounts of data reliably and across long distances in order for operations to function safely and efficiently since most network failures in industrial applications are a result of failed transmissions. This makes selecting the right network components including cables, a mission-critical function.

Coordinate with your area of application :

For applications requiring high-bandwidth and high-speed functionality, fiber optics can be a natural solution. Unlike copper cable, fiber optic cabling is resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI), making it an ideal option for environments involving high voltages or machinery with variable frequency drives. Fiber optic cables do not conduct electricity, nor do they ignite in the presence of flammable materials, making them a safe alternative to traditional wiring. Brugg Cables solutions are used on a daily basis by the military forces around the globe copeing with the most challenging demands at any time. combined with specialist skills that come to the fore in the areas of design and system integration to meet individual customer requirements.

features and capabilities :

Cables  :

  • Fibre-optic cables assembled with plug connections
  • Hybrid cable solutions to provide simultaneous data and power transmission
  • Acoustic sensor cables to secure critical infrastructure or boundaries
  • Intrusion detection

System integration :
COTS equipment can be integrated into rugged casings to ensure the sturdiness of networked systems in a tactical environment. The result is superior-quality, end-to-end solutions for fibre-optic-based transmission and data distribution.

Hybrid system combines the data and power network in a single cable :
Benefits of the hybrid system:

  • Compact and light: hybrid cables, laying accessories and electronic components.
  • Support with planning and operation: data flow management system.
  • Excellent availability: flexible network topology with high redundancy.
  • Uses local power sources: sun, wind and water power.
  • Autonomous and flexible: avoids signature sources like diesel motors and wireless devices

Perimeter monitoring using distributed fibre-optic sensor technology
In critical and challenging environments, authoritative real-time measurement results over the entire length of the cable can be generated. Uninterrupted monitoring in this way means security for you. If required, fibre-optic acoustic sensor solutions with plug connections, loop housings or other terminations can be supplied .

Information and monitoring systems are subject to maximum demands in terms of mobility, reliability and robustness in the military and security areas. For Tactical mobile application, HSCS in cooperation with Brugg Cables offer mobile cable systems and associated terminals, with an emphasis on maximum performance and robustness while keeping size and weight low. We aim to provide easy handling, low upkeep costs and efficient services. Our team of specialists is always available to help you to select the right products, work on installation, design and system integration to meet individual customer requirements. delivering predictable, repeatable and durable performance in the most demanding conditions.

Hybrid system – integrating the data and power network in a single cable

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