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When a project is entrusted to Hader Security & Communications Systems team, customers know for a fact that the objective will be reached regardless of how bumpy the road may get. Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria are HSCS team's forte. It is important to put customers at the center of the services business strategy in order for the executing team's efficiency and collaboration. High scale projects are entrusted to HSCS team for multiple reasons: 1- High project visibility and a cross-company view into the entirety of the project and resources at hand. 2- Controlling the project at each milestone to successfully manage budgets and resources, HSCS has decades of experience years in managing resources properly, engagement, mobility, collaboration and tools in order to get the job done. 3- Having a customer focus approach enables HSCS to reduce inefficiencies and enhancing a customer-centric approach. This strategy avoid a ton of unnecessary meetings as all processes are streamlined into real-life updates and clients are in the loop with real-time data.
HSCS offers Network Planning & Design and optimization services and support using the latest cutting-edge tools. The Planning Phase is the time when the project team translates the initial vision/scope from the Envisioning Phase into practical plans on how to achieve it. The purpose of the Planning Phase is to define the solution in detail along with the approved project plan and schedule. This work includes creating a functional specification, developing the solution architecture and design, and preparing cost estimates. Team members draw upon their expertise to create detailed individual plans, such as the development plan, test plan, and deployment plan, as well as schedules for all aspects of the project.
HSCS broad array of installation capabilities covers multiple elements, technologies, products and ancillary equipment. We respond to our customers' need for quality, flexibility and rapid response time in installation, testing and commissioning.
HSCS offers a multitude of maintenance services, from repair and testing, to spares management, RMA processing, remote provisioning and advanced hardware replacement.
We have a proven track record, delivering public, in-house and online courses for the world’s largest companies and government organizations. Our training and development solutions are designed to help our customers better use the systems catered to their needs.