In the ever-evolving landscape of connectivity solutions, Cambium Networks stands out as a pioneer, especially with its Point-to-Point (PTP) series solutions.

These robust and innovative offerings are not just about connecting people; they are about transforming industries and addressing the unique challenges posed by demanding environments.

Let’s delve into the key features and applications of Cambium’s PTP series, examining how they become the go-to solution for various sectors.

Sub-6 High Capacity Backhaul

Cambium’s PTP series excels in providing Sub 6 High Capacity Backhaul solutions, catering to industries where bandwidth demands are paramount.

This technology ensures a reliable and high-throughput link, making it ideal for sectors like healthcare, where the transfer of large medical files or real-time telemedicine applications requires a robust and low-latency connection.

Sub 6 high capacity backhaul - ptp 550550e

PTP 550

Sub 6 high capacity backhaul - ptp 700

PTP 700

PTP 670

CNWave 60 GHz – Empowering Urban Connectivity

The CNWave 60 GHz solution by Cambium Networks is a game-changer for urban environments.

This technology excels in providing high-capacity, low-latency connections, making it invaluable for Smart City initiatives.

From smart traffic management to public Wi-Fi hotspots, Cambium’s CNWave 60 GHz plays a pivotal role in creating connected and efficient urban spaces.

Cambium networks cnwave 60 ghz - v1000

CNWAVE 60 GHZ – V1000

Cambium networks cnwave 60 ghz - v3000

CNWAVE 60 GHZ – V3000

Cambium networks cnwave 60 ghz - v5000

CNWAVE 60 GHZ – v5000

Licensed Microwave Backhaul – Ensuring Security in Communication

Industries that prioritize secure communication, such as defense and government sectors, find Cambium’s Licensed Microwave Backhaul indispensable.

The PTP series ensures secure point-to-point links, guaranteeing data confidentiality and integrity.

This makes it a trusted choice in scenarios where reliable and secure communication is non-negotiable.

Licensed microwave backhaul - ptp850c

   PTP 850C

Licensed microwave backhaul - ptp820c

PTP 820C



PMP 450 Backhaul Family – Bridging Connectivity Gaps

Cambium’s PMP 450 Backhaul Family is tailored for scenarios where bridging connectivity gaps is a priority.

In remote areas or regions with challenging terrain, this solution provides a stable and high-capacity link, enhancing connectivity for industries like agriculture.

From real-time crop monitoring to implementing precision agriculture techniques, the PMP 450 Backhaul Family proves instrumental in boosting efficiency.

Ptp 450b

PTP 450b

Pmp 450 backhaul family - pmp 450b

PMP 450b

Pmp 450 backhaul family - ptp 450i

PTP 450i


In conclusion, Cambium Networks’ Point-to-Point series solutions are not just technological marvels; they are strategic tools tailored for specific industry needs. Whether it’s ensuring high-capacity backhaul in healthcare, empowering Smart City initiatives, guaranteeing secure communication in defense, or bridging connectivity gaps in agriculture, Cambium’s PTP series stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and reliability.

As industries evolve, so does Cambium Networks, consistently providing connectivity solutions that redefine the way we connect and communicate in demanding environments.

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