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Thuraya, is the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the UAE-based Al Yah Satellite Communications Company P.J.S.C. (Yahsat), which is a public company and subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company. Established in 1997, Thuraya is the UAE’s first home grown satellite operator. 

Thuraya vehicle tracking and monitoring services

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Service

Thuraya SatTrack for Land is a web-based tracking and monitoring service, developed for land vehicles fitted with the Thuraya T2M-DUAL tracking and monitoring solution. It is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based application available to users as part of Thuraya’s M2M/IoT portfolio.


  • Online dashboard
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Remote programming
  • Remotely configure Thuraya T2M-DUAL & send notifications
  • Real-time collection of data through sensors and CAN Bus

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Thuraya push-to-talk

Thuraya Push-To-Talk

Managing person-to-person communications is challenging, when your work involves conversations across different communication lines. Around the world, public entities and private user groups such as police, fire brigades, military, ambulances, utilities and NGOs require dedicated communications systems to carry out their day-to-day.


  • Increased coverage with 
  • Interoperability – analog, DMR, P25, UHF, VHF & Tetra with L-Band
  • Uninterrupted and seamless switching between satellite, cellular and LAN, ensuring zero loss of connectivity
  • 256-bit AES Voice encryption
  • Delivers real-time data

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Thuraya sattrack

Thuraya SatTrack for Marine

Thuraya SatTrack for Marine is a web-based tracking and monitoring service, developed for fishing vessels fitted with the Thuraya MarineStar voice, tracking and monitoring solution. It is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based application available to users as part of Thuraya’s SeaLite portfolio of narrowband services. SatTrack for Marine facilitates sustainable fishing practices, better crew safety and welfare as well as fleet visibility and management in real time.

  • A low cost turnkey web-based service offering tracking and monitoring
  • Provides an easy-to-use online  dashboard that displays data reported by Thuraya MarineStar terminals
  • Enables fish catch reporting which is critical for sustainable fisheries
  • Assures better crew safety and welfare through notifications and SOS
  • Ensures improved vessel visibility & management
  • Supports condition-based monitoring through third-party integrations
  • Boosts operational and vessel efficiencies
  • Flexible subscription-based model 

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Thuraya 4-ngs

Thuraya 4-NGS

Thuraya 4-NGS is part of Thuraya’s transformational program to build a new and comprehensive ecosystem by upgrading all 3 segments, namely space; ground; products and solutions:

  • Better capabilities
  • Supports multiple technologies (air interfaces)
  • Reconfigurable payload while in orbit (beams, channel size and bandwidth)
  • Provides a wide range of data rates above 1Mbps
  • Improved security and resilience

Advanced high performance capabilities allowing:

  • Wide range of data rates above 1 Mbps
  • Spacecraft flexibility to dynamically support surge in hotspot areas
  • Payload adaptability & capacity supports 3 times the number of users than traditional MSS satellites

Thuraya Recharge Services

Acquire your satellite services with greater convenience

Western Union® Quick PaySM service

Thuraya customers can now recharge pre-paid voice and data SIMs with no extra fee at over 220,000 participating Western Union agent locations. To top-up your Thuraya prepaid voice SIM card, visit a participating Western Union agent location, provide your identification and Thuraya phone number, and then re-load your prepaid SIM card with a cash payment. Family, friends and colleagues can also add pre-paid credit on behalf of a Thuraya user traveling abroad. For more information on this service, click here.

Thuraya Short Code Services

Thuraya Short Codes are special short telephone numbers that are designed to be easier to read and remember. Short codes are associated with value-added services such voicemail, call-me back and other Thuraya mobile and Customer Care services. To view a list of short code numbers for your Thuraya handset, please click here.

Twitter SMS Service on Thuraya Handsets

Send and receive tweets via SMS wherever you may be located within Thuraya’s satellite coverage area, to and from your Thuraya handheld devices. For more information on how to add your Thuraya phone to your Twitter account or how to sign up via SMS, please click here.

Direct Dial Up Internet Access

Gain access to the Internet via our dual mode handsets, anytime and anywhere within our coverage area, without paying an additional subscription fee. This service is available for Thuraya Prepay and Postpay customers, as well as GSM subscribers roaming onto the Thuraya network.

Thuraya Missed Call & Voice Mail Services

Make sure that you don’t miss a call: even if your Thuraya handset is switched off, you are outside the Thuraya coverage area or on another call. Thuraya Missed Call Service automatically sends an SMS advising of a missed call and lists the time of the call and the telephone number; Thuraya Voice Mail Service allows the caller to leave a voice mail.

SMS to Email

Send SMS messages anytime via email, without needing a PC, modem connection or internet subscription. With a simple process that requires no special activation, you can send these via a Thuraya handset while outdoors, travelling in a vehicle or using a Thuraya Indoor Enabler.

Free Web-SMS

Access the web-SMS platform from your computer and start sending messages to Thuraya phones free of charge! Click here to use the service.

Thuraya Cloud Refill

Prepaid airtime credit in bulk is available for immediate refil through our customer service team. For more information, please email us.

Thuraya Call Me Back

Stay connected even if you have no remaining Thuraya airtime credit. Using this service, you can send SMS messages to other handsets using Short Code 1755, requesting a call back.

Thuraya Recharge

Buy airtime online using your credit card and recharge your Thuraya prepaid SIM instantly. Using Thuraya Recharge, airtime is added directly to your Thuraya handset. Visit to buy airtime now.

Thuraya Test Call Service

Your satellite phone needs to be in optimal working condition when you need it. Dial 11 11 2 to test your Thuraya phone. For more information, please click here.

SOS service for Thuraya XT Dubai users

Thuraya XT users in Dubai can now send a pre-programmed SMS with GPS coordinates to the Dubai Police in times of distress or emergency. The service is crucial for users who are lost or require emergency care when in remote areas such as the desert or at sea with limited or no connectivity. Thuraya XT users can program up to four numbers as emergency contacts. To program the number for the Dubai Police, key in 1199, in the Thuraya SOS application on your Thuraya XT through the “helper” function. To activate, users only need to press the soft key on the right side of the keypad of the Thuraya XT for two seconds and the application will send GPS coordinates to Thuraya’s Primary Gateway office and then to the Dubai Police. 

Satellite Capacity Leasing

Assured Access of Space Segment

Dedicated satellite channels are available through existing or custom designed beams. Lease services are appealing to international news gathering corporations, enterprises’ business and governmental organizations across the Thuraya coverage. Flexible power and bandwidth channels enable private network operation for relay data and IP traffic to support:

Point Of sale operations, government, civil, military situation awareness, SCADA systems for the following verticals:

Thuraya Lease service provides permanent transmission within the lease, Closed User Group for the exclusive use by a customer private network. This service may be provided over facilities owned or operated by an operator or over transmission capacity sold or leased by a non-facilities-based telecommunications provider or reseller.

Leased space segment capacity can be used in a variety of ways: power and bandwidth assignment through customized private networks and waveforms as well as through Committed Information Rate lease service offered with the Thuraya Broadband terminal(s).

Regional Beam Power

Static allocation of flexible bandwidth channels in any geographic area covered by a customized beam through customer private network installation at the Thuraya primary gateway location. Subject to the engineering proof of concept, operation power could range between 20dBW to 33dBW satellite EIRP. This service can be used for Pt-to-Mpt applications, differential GPS, geo location and military sparse mode operations.

Spot Beam Power

Static allocation of flexible bandwidth channels in a small geographic area covered from a Thuraya spot beam through customer private network installation at the Thuraya primary gateway location. Operation power could range between 36dBW to 48dBW satellite EIRP at the center of the beam. The customer can access any beam within Thuraya’s footprint through a lease or owned ground station gateway and user terminals.

Thuraya Priority Lease

Guarantees access to satellite capacity that provides reliable connectivity, enabling you to add several terminals to a single channel lease. Using the IP terminal the users can configure committed information rate (CIR) between 16kbps and 384 kbps. The lease provides 24-hour dedicated priority streaming service. The lease is user specific and provides support through the “follow me” functionality for adjacent beam roaming and comms on the move applications.

Thuraya Talk

One Number. One Network. One Identity

Thuraya Talk is a VoIP app that brings you closer to your loved ones when they are far away, in another country or even beyond the reach of regular terrestrial telecom networks.

Thuraya makes it easy and within your means to share experiences with anyone across the globe. We keep you connected through the internet. You can operate Thuraya Talk anywhere in the world on Wi-Fi, mobile or satellite data. It is ideal for users who rely on landlines or mobile phones to call Thuraya numbers, or just simply want to make international calls with great quality and at low prices.

 How does it work?

Download Thuraya Talk from the App Store or Google Play. By going through an easy and immediate registration process, the prepaid account is ready within minutes. Start calling or send and receive messages.

Thuraya Talk is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It can be used on both smartphones and tablets.

Thuraya Talk syncs with your smartphone address book so that you can access all your contacts on the app. Service is quick and very straightforward.