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Founded in 1989, ATERMES, under the distribution of HSCS, has evolved into a thriving group comprising over 150 dedicated individuals. Over the years, ATERMES has honed its expertise across four pivotal domains: Mechanical, Electronic, Optronic, and Software.

Leveraging our vast experience and state-of-the-art industrial capabilities, our teams at ATERMES, guided by HSCS as Distributor, craft advanced technological solutions tailored for environments marked by rigorous technical, environmental, or climatic challenges.


With the experience gained and efficient industrial tool, the Atermes teams develop high-technology solutions designed to operate under very severe environmental, physical, climatic, or electromagnetic conditions. This naturally led us to develop offerings for the defense market and for industries with demanding constraints. The Atermes has solutions synthesize in research and development work and the implementation of there expertise.


ATERMES Surveillance Operational Solution
  • Your own dedicated surveillance solution for critical infrastructure, border zone and event security management
  • Multi-sensor management (radars and cameras)
  • Modular design according to customers’ specific operational requirements
  • Automatic target classification software
  • Mission preparation tool and automatic surveillance software
  • Integrated command post for mobile application (shelter or vehicle)
Atermes surveillance operational solution

BARIER™ System

Beacon for Autonomous Recognition, Identification, Evaluation and Response

BARIER™ system is designed to ensure permanent or temporary border control missions or protection of camps, bivouacs, sensitive sites, convoy routes…

Each BARIER™ system is made up of one to ten autonomous, intelligent robotized sentry beacons with optronic or radar heads, connected in a network, one to two dispenser vehicles and a command and control vehicle.

  • Temporary control up to 40km border with a single system
  • Camp, sensitive site protection
  • Temporary bivouac protection
  • Route surveillance
  • Evidence gathering – Illegal intrusion control
  • Intelligence missions – Anti-terrorist operations


Next-generation intelligent multispectral head for surveillance applications

Powerful and innovative deep learning architecture : Instant pattern identification ; Tracking ; Enhanced BARIER™ application.

All-in-one recording and control unit with : Automatic zone scanning ; Remote control Compact, rugged device, fully compliant with the harshest environmental conditions (MIL-STD-810G) Integrated deep learning detection and identification function Land and coastal surveillance capabilities

  • “RADAR Optronic “panoramic surveillance
  • Multimodal detection by deep learning
  • Automatic classification
  • Remote video control
  • Guarantees an optimal level of security
  • Can be mounted on any type of structure or patrol vehicle


Automatic laser bird deterrent system

A-TOM550 is the only bird deterrent system developed by specialist ornithologists for the aviation community.

By nature, birds are highly sensitive to visual cues. Field measurements show that birds are most sensitive to the green color.

With A-TOM550, birds actually perceive and see a large green stick coming towards them. The only choice to avoid this stick is to escape and fly away : there is no habituation of birds to such visual technology. While a bird can become accustomed to noise and sound, it will never try to test a stick. It’s the same reflex as a bird flying away when a car approaches.

  • Automatic runway scanning
  • Permanent 24/7 operation
  • Scanned runway length: up to 2600m
  • In compliance with ICAO Annex 14
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Automatic recording of activity
  • Maintenance via remote connection


Range of rugged ECU and display products for very harsh environments

Latest-generation CPU card. Designed for the harshest environments (e.g. tropical climates, tracked vehicles, etc.). Video image capture, optional CPU communication board. High-brightness screen with 24-bit/pixel dynamic range for optimal video display, even in black and white.

  • Adaptable to all types of requirements
  • Latest-generation CPU board
  • Designed for the harshest environments (e.g. tropical climate, tracked vehicles etc..)
  • Video image capture, optional CPU communication board
  • High-brightness screen with 24-bit/pixel dynamic range for optimal video display even in black and white
  • Robust and adaptable
  • Available in 9″, 12″ and 15″


Stand-alone equipment developed to respond to queries from a secondary RADAR
Sms-4 beacon

The SMS-4 beacon is a stand-alone device developed to respond to queries from a secondary RADAR. It has variable attenuation capabilities and specific S Mode protocols.

  • Testing a secondary radar by responding to its queries in a controlled way
  • Configuring this same radar in the installation/commissioning phase
  • Maintenance of the beacon by viewing the results of its integrated tests on the main station display
  • Beacon can work integrated in a technical room or outside in « outdoor » packaging (optional)
  • Bi-channel operation to increase the system’s operational availability


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