restrata's resilienceOS

resilienceOS is the backbone of organisation-wide resilience, providing a single source of truth across operations alongside a robust ecosystem of integrations and services, powered by the connected resilience engine.


About Restrata

HSCS System serves as a distributor for Restrata, which was initially established as the technology division of one of the world’s leading security services firms. With extensive experience in designing, preparing, and responding to challenges, particularly in high-risk regions like the Middle East and Africa, Restrata has developed an integrated, end-to-end risk and resilience management solution.

Now a prominent global technology enterprise, Restrata boasts a rich legacy of providing resilience software worldwide. Operating in over 40 countries, we have earned the trust of seven out of the ten largest energy corporations globally. Our 24/7 operations center in Aberdeen, UK, supports our extensive global support teams in the US and UAE, cementing our reputation for reliability and excellence.


Meet the resilienceOS


ResilienceOS, are recent launch, addresses the current fragmented and vulnerable technology landscape for organizations. In an era of perpetual change and increasing technological complexity, resilience has become crucial, both personally and organizationally. This necessity for resilience in business operations arises from the challenges of delivering organizational resilience, security, safety, and critical event management amidst higher demands and complexity. Traditional solutions lack the simplicity, clarity, and confidence needed for effectiveness.

The resilienceOS launch signifies a pivotal moment for organizations recognizing the need for resilience. With a distinct proposition, the launch aimed for a unique style to communicate the Restrata vision for the future of organizational resilience. This included articulating the importance and methods of organizational resilience today, with a belief that modern resilience technology will be essential for achieving simplicity, clarity, and confidence, thereby ensuring resilience.

However, traditional resilience technology has contributed to a fragmented software landscape, leaving organizations struggling to unify their systems. The solution presented is ‘connected resilience’, offering a remedy to the challenges faced by organizations.

Three Pillars of Connected resilience

Connected resilience has three essential pillars:  

Simplicity: resilience technology should take care of the complexity under the hood, so your experience can be simple and effective. With every data point that impacts your resilience captured and every part of your organisation impacted is managed, so that you can work smarter, faster and more efficiently throughout your organisation. 

Clarity: it should provide a single source of truth across the organisation for visibility across operations, from the last mile to the macro view, with always-on risk mitigation, increasing response efficiency and focusing on longer-term resilience. 

Confidence: it should be a scalable solution that can fit your specific resilience needs at any time, connecting the data that matters to you coupled with the ability to act on insights in real-time.We know that every industry should endeavour to achieve connected resilience, creating the confidence to sustain the highest levels of preparedness, adaptability and response whether managing daily operations or facing dynamic risks and disruption at any scale. Following the articulation of our vision, it was time to move onto the more technical aspects of our category-defining solution. 

We then introduced our solution – ‘to build the ultimate operating system for resilience: a new software category that puts your operations at the heart of the solution’. Restrata’s resilienceOS is the backbone of organisation-wide resilience, providing a single source of truth and action across safety, security, risk and critical event management alongside a robust integration ecosystem. All in real-time. All connected. For everything and everyone your organisation cares about, every day.



Connected Resilience Engine (CoRE)

ResilienceOS is powered by The Connected Resilience Engine (CoRE). A smart adaptive system composed of 4 key technologies:

Data Ingestion: integrating the data that matters to you – be it internal or 3rd party. 

Location Convergence: fusing people and asset related data from multiple sources into one. 

Impact Calculation: always monitoring the risks and associated impact across your people, assets, supply chain. 

Action & response: enabling you to act immediately on dynamic risks and potential threats. 


The CoRE digitises everything and everyone across your organisation’s footprint into the operating system, monitoring the risks and the impacts you face in real-time, while always enabling you to always respond with confidence. The all-in-one  solution combines CoRE with 6 functional modules: 


Minimise security risks and enhance safety across all your sites

Use a digital twin of your site to map out key zones, designate and manage access, gaining full visibility over movement of employees, contractors and visitors. Minimise physical security breaches due to unauthorised access, locate and account for people fast in case of an incident or critical event.



Streamline Travel and Journey management keeping people Safe 

Travel and journey management are an important part of operations that needs to strike the right balance between logistics and duty of care. Create and manage travel requests, identify potential safety and security risks and take appropriate action to mitigate them using a single solution


Unleash the power of fused risk intelligence across your locations

Combine multiple risk data sources to gain a comprehensive view of risk at local, regional and global level. Be better prepared, make strategic decisions faster and enable your organisation to adapt and respond to dynamic risks and disruption more efficiently.


Deliver timely, accurate, reliable critical mass comms

Streamline critical mass communication across sites, notifying and concurrently communicating with the affected workforce via SMS, email, voice, call, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram. Distribute relevant duty of care related communications fast, using polling, assistance requests, welfare confirmation functionality to actively monitor status and confirm actions.


Anticipate, prepare for, respond & adapt faster to incidents and crises

Connect and digitise your emergency response processes, provide real-time unified situational awareness, enable swift collaboration across teams and deliver a faster, better-informed response to dynamic risks, incidents and crises. Increase duty of care whilst de-risking your operation globally.


Keep your lone workers safe and engaged, enhancing duty of care

In today’s fast-paced work environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of lone workers is more important than ever. Ensure safety and peace of mind through real-time monitoring, alerts, communication and response. Protect your workforce and stay compliant with safety regulations by tracking safety performance, incident reports and making improvements.

The technical foundation

rOS is set to change the resilience technology landscape forever. Better than that, it’s now live and available – no matter your industry or size. We truly believe it will set a new standard for what is expected from software in this category. We believe in the future, every business will run a resilienceOS. Coupled with the customer success, consulting and response services, we can add value to your operations, whether on a single site, or across your global operations.

This marks only the first chapter of the resilienceOS journey, that we’d like you to join us on. There is much more to come, staying true to in promise to build the ultimate operating system for resilience. To solve for you and your business, delivering a single source of truth across safety, security, risk and critical event management alongside a robust integration ecosystem. So that you can better manage and enhance resilience and gain a competitive edge.

It’s time to find out how to make your organisation resilient.


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