Coax Cables and Connectors

Lamatel RF Cables in Cellular and Wireless Networks

Experience unmatched signal integrity with Lamatel RF Cables, your trusted solution for resilient and high-performance radio frequency transmission. Our range includes the compact LMR200, the versatile LMR400, and the robust 1/2 inch and 7/8 inch cables, each meticulously designed to offer superior transmission quality and minimal signal loss.

These RF cables are built with high-grade materials to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, ensuring their long-lasting durability. They are ideally suited for various applications including two-way radio systems, cellular and wireless communication networks, and other RF signal transmission setups.

With Lamatel RF Cables, you can trust in a consistent, clear, and reliable connection, enhancing the performance of your wireless communication systems and devices. Depend on Lamatel for seamless connectivity and exceptional signal transmission quality.

Lamatel COAX Cables And Connectors

Lamatel coaxial cables

1/2"Coxial Cables

Experience superior signal transmission with Lamatel’s 1/2″ Coaxial Cables. Expertly designed to deliver clear and stable signals, these cables are the ideal solution for high-frequency applications, including two-way radio systems and TV signal transmission.




7/8"Coxial Cables

Step up your signal transmission with Lamatel’s 7/8″ Coaxial Cables. Expertly engineered to offer high-quality, these cables are ideal for various high-frequency applications such as two-way radio systems and television signal transmission.



LMR200 Coxial Cables

Ensure efficient and reliable signal transmission with Lamatel’s LMR200 Coaxial Cables. Designed for high-performance in RF applications, these cables are the go-to choice for systems such as two-way radios and wireless communications.



LMR400 Coaxial Cables

Maximize your signal transmission capabilities with Lamatel’s LMR400 Coaxial Cables. These cables are designed for top-tier performance in RF applications, making them ideal for systems such as two-way radios, wireless communications, and broadband systems.




40kHzExperience high-quality signal transmission with Lamatel’s RG214 Coaxial Cables. Primarily designed for high-frequency applications, these cables are an excellent choice for systems such as two-way radios,  and broadband systems.



RG223 Coaxial Cables

Achieve reliable and consistent signal transmission with Lamatel’s RG223 Coaxial Cables. Designed with precision for high-frequency applications, these cables are ideal for systems such as two-way radios, and advanced telecommunication systems.


RG58 Coaxial Cables

Experience stable and efficient signal transmission with Lamatel’s RG58 Jumper Cables. These cables are specifically designed for mid-range frequency applications, making them an ideal choice for systems like two-way radios, Ethernet bridges, and GPS systems.


RF and Ethernet Cable Accessories

Boost the efficiency and reliability of your cable installations with Lamatel’s range of accessories. We offer cable clamps, all tailored to support RF and Ethernet cable setups in various applications, including two-way radios and networking infrastructures.



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