Tough, resilient and efficient  DIMETRA TETRA Systems for  Critical Communications.


At the core of Motorola Solutions' proven TETRA solutions are the DIMETRA systems, scalable to meet your needs, both now and in the future.

Trust the robust and resilient DIMETRA TETRA

Motorola Solutions has developed and delivered robust, reliable TETRA radio communication solutions for over twenty-five years with more than 1000 DIMETRA TETRA systems deployed in over 100 countries. From single site to scalable nationwide solutions, DIMETRATM TETRA is used by businesses and organizations all over the world including public safety agencies, public transport and utilities.



A flexible solution for secure and reliable business and operations critical communications.



A fully scalable, robust and resilient, TETRA system for Mission Critical Communications.


DIMETRA X Core Deployable

A a secure and portable digital radio communications system designed to meet the unique needs of government entities.


The Motorola Solutions TETRA DIMETRA systems have been continuously developed over more that 15 years to meet the needs of all types of TETRA users, from nationwide public safety network operators to small systems for  airports, Metro operators, Oil and gas companies and many other industrial organizations.

TETRA mission critical communications solution offers secure and reliable communications customized to meet the needs of different markets.

DIMETRA X Core Network
For government organisations, public safety agencies and large enterprises, mobile broadband is on the way. And while you don’t know when that change is coming—you can be ready for it with DIMETRA X Core. It’s designed to make the most of your existing DIMETRA network today, while preparing you for the additional capabilities offered by mobile broadband tomorrow.
As technology evolves, so will your DIMETRA system. It features a fully scalable architecture that allows system design and expansion from one site to 5000 or more. And as your needs change, you can easily add new users or capabilities by enabling software licenses.

DIMETRA Express is a flexible TETRA system. By integrating the switch and base radios in a one-box or modular system it’s quick and easy to set up, deploy, and manage your communications. You simplify everyday operations while reducing costs and complexity over the long term. Quickly integrate DIMETRA Express into your network, provision multiple subscribers, and complete installation easily using browser-based apps and tools. Once it’s up and running, DIMETRA Express is easy to manage and operate through web-based network management and dispatch applications. 


The Motorola Solutions TETRA Dimetra systems have been continuously developed over more than 15 years to meet the needs of all types of TETRA users, from nationwide public safety network operators to small systems for aiports, Metro operators, Oil and gas companies and many other industrial organizations.

MTS1 TETRA Base Station
The MTS1 small rugged form factor, IP66 weather resistant enclosure, and ergonomic offers a wide variety of implementation options. Be it for indoor or outdoor wide area coverage applications, the MTS1 provides complete flexibility, covering wall and pole mounted installations. The MTS1 also ensures complete end-to-end security with full support for static, dynamic and group based air interface encryption, authentication and end-to-end encryption. This level of security is maintained even when there is a site link failure causing the base station to operate in local site trunking mode.

MTS2 TETRA Base Station
The ultra flexible MTS2 meets a growing demand for small, deployable base stations that ensure site acquisition and installation is as easy and economical as possible. Reduced site acquisition costs through lower site requirements, lower maintenance through less site visits and the ability to re-use the MTS2 in different configurations. Reduced installation costs due to effortless transportability. With its small and flexible modular design, the MTS2 dramatically reduces installation costs and makes site acquisition easier than ever. Excellent front access and a fan-free cooling capability means low maintenance costs and makes the MTS2 ideal for rural or inaccessible sites.

MTS4 TETRA Base Station

The MTS4 is a high performance base station with improved power efficiency and lower operating costs.

The compact MTS4 sets new standards for high capacity, high redundancy base stations while ensuring site acquisition and installation costs are as low as possible.

MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base Station
The MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base Station provides a flexible path for the addition of LTE to complement a TETRA system. By provisioning for the addition of an eNodeB into the TETRA Base Station cabinet, Motorola is offering a highly flexible migration solution for TETRA operators. The MTS4L can be installed as a TETRA only base station, but it can include the services for the eNodeB such as shared backhaul, and battery backup. These services can be installed at the start or they can be upgraded at a later time when needed by customers. Most importantly the MTS4L footprint is unchanged when the eNodeB is installed and so the upgrade is very simple and fast with minimal disturbance to TETRA service.


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