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YahClick is a game changing Satellite technology that provides broadband services to consumer and enterprise markets in the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Central and South West Asia

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FAQ - YahClick

What is FAP (Fair Access Policy)?

To ensure that all YahClick High-Speed Internet Service customers have equitable access to the network, YahClick sets usage allowances on the amount of data a subscriber can download within stated time periods specified in each service plan.

If at any time a subscriber’s Usage Total is above the Usage Allowance, the YahClick system will temporarily limit the speed at which the subscriber can receive data over the network. Subscribers will still be able to use the Internet service but at a lower speed.

The YahClick Fair Access Policy “FAP” is designed to impact the fewest customers who overuse the network while helping ensure the highest speeds for the vast majority of the users. In most networks, 5% of subscribers use 50% of the traffic. FAP policies are implemented by all to prevent abusive consumption of bandwidth by a minority of users.

How does FAP Policy work?

The policy is implemented automatically by monitoring your usage over a rolling 72-hour period. Each YahClick service plan is assigned a Download Allowance. The Download Allowance is the amount of data “in bytes” that can be downloaded by a subscriber without restriction within a rolling 72-hour period. As you download data, your allowance will be depleted.

During periods of low use, your remaining allowance will slowly recover. When your usage over the past 72 hours exceeds that allowance, you will enter the FAP Recovery Zone, and your download speeds will be reduced. During the FAP Recovery Zone, your Download Allowance is slowly refilled, and after approximately 24 hours, your download speed will be restored.

If you continue to use your service to download while in the FAP Recovery Zone, it may take more than 24 hours for your Allowance to be refilled and your speed to return to normal.

Who is affected by the Fair Access Policy?

Some users consume much more bandwidth than the average user, and they will experience reduced download speeds as a result of exceeding their Download Allowance. You may be surprised to find that the top one percent (1%) of users download 9 times more the average user.

By providing a Download Allowance, more of the shared bandwidth is made available for everyone to use. Most users will have a better experience as a result of the Fair Access Policy. Online activities such as browsing websites, checking email, watching a small number of short video clips or similar short streaming media are unlikely to cause you to exceed the Download Allowance.

Does the Fair Access Policy apply to Uploads and Downloads?

Currently, the Fair Access Policy applies only to downloads, that is data that you receive from the Internet. Uploads, for example sending photos in your email, are not counted against your Download Allowance. YahClick is unique in the satellite industry in that it offers unlimited data upload in most of its service plans.

What activities may cause a subscriber to exceed their Download Allowance?

Some activities are more likely to exceed the Download Allowance and trigger the application of the Fair Access Policy. Several examples are listed below:
1- Full-length movie or video downloads that exceed the 10% data allowance of the subscription plan.
2- Downloading very large files (i.e., file sizes that are close in size to the Download Allowance of your service plan)
3- Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs.
4- Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video programming and YouTube.
5- Hosting of server devices such as email, FTP, or Web servers.
6- Hosting computer applications such as Web-cam feeds.
7- Internet based PC backup services that archive your data on a central server.
8- Use of BitTorrent applications.
9- Excessive downloading or use of the services described above may cause subscribers to exceed their Download Allowance and have their download speed reduced under the Fair Access Policy.

Note that all data downloaded to your PC or PCs will count against your Download Allowance.
We encourage you to take a close look at the software you install and understand how it will use your Internet connection.

What will my Internet access be like in the Recovery Zone?

During the Recovery Zone, when your Download Allowance is exceeded and you are in FAP, you will experience reduced download speeds for about 24 hours. During this period, your YahClick service can still be used for activities such as Web browsing and viewing emails, but speeds will be significantly slower than your standard plan rate.

For example, when in FAP state, a Home 10 Mbps service will be reduced to 64 kilobits per second. This is done to ensure that subscribers who stay within their download limits are able to enjoy the service fairly and at the advertised “up to” download speed levels. The upload speed will not be slowed down during the FAP state.


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